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Master 2 Directeur International/International Manager - Nice


Code CP 544

Accessibilité Handicap Oui

Contrat de professionnalisation : Tout public sans limite d'âge, demandeurs d'emplois de 26 ans et plus


This Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a one-year program, entirely taught in English and designed for professionals willing to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of business administration.
You have a professional experience and you want to step up to higher management positions: this is the degree you need.
The Executive MBA is conceived to give you the ability to take your career to the next level. You will gain more than expertise in business administration: you will acquire lifelong tools to achieve your ambitions.
The environment ensures effective and interactive lectures, where renowned professors and practitioners from different countries share their knowledge and expertise.
Organised around a part-time format, with two seminars per month (two-day seminars taking place on Fridays and Saturdays), the MBA offers the opportunity to follow courses while keeping your professional activities.
You will also prepare a research project on a business topic (in line with your professional activity) under the guidance of an academic supervisor and defend it at the end of the program.
You will develop your professional and international networks thanks to events organised by IAE Nice throughout the year.
You have the possibility to complete a study-abroad period at one of our partner universities (e.g. in Los Angeles, Moscow, New York).

Insertion et débouchés

Niveau de sortie

Niveau de sortie

Libellé inconnu, 2eme cycle (bac+4 & bac+5), Diplôme Universitaire


Nombre d'heures

440 heures sur 1 an

Contenu / Programme

Business Communication Intercultural Negotiation Economics for Managers Business Law International Business Strategic Management Leadership Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management Corporate Social Responsibility
Marketing Management Digital Marketing
Project Management Information Technology Corporate Finance Management Controlling
New Perspectives in Management 1 New Perspectives in Management 2 Business Game or Business Case Research Project

Pour un programme plus détaillé, merci de nous adresser la demande par mail à : contact@cfa-epure.com


Niveau d’accès

– Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, or equivalent curriculum (at least 180 ECTS credits)
– At least 3 years’ work experience
– English proficiency
– Interview with the Admissions Committee

Contrat de professionnalisation : Tout public sans limite d'âge, demandeurs d'emplois de 26 ans et plus

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Les avantages de l'alternance
Les avantages de l’alternance :
- Une formation rémunérée
- Un diplôme d’état délivré par l’université ou une certification professionnelle reconnue par les entreprises
- Un emploi à la clef


Université Côte d'Azur

Institut d'Administration des Entreprises de Nice

Site de la formation https://iae.univ-cotedazur.fr/formations/executive-mba-emba

Brochure de la formation https://iae.univ-cotedazur.fr/medias/fichier/executive-mba-2021-web_1631269658306-pdf

Responsable de Formation
Tournois Nadine

04 92 00 11 01

Responsable Alternance
Muscat Nicolas

04 89 15 21 14

Institut d'Administration des Entreprises de Nice 24 avenue des Diables Bleus



Service alternance

Dahmna Sarah

04 89 15 21 27

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